Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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Rebbetzin Sifra Tendler, A"H




 Sefer Zikaron       


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                               Birth and Earliest Years

                              By Irving Eisenman    
                 See attached file:  Birth and EarlyYears.pdf


                              Our Story Continues

                                                    By Walter Kramer

                             See attached file OurStoryContinues.pdf


                 Monsey synagogue to celebrate 50 years 

                                                             By KARI NEERING 
                                                          THE JOURNAL NEWS  

                  (Original publication: December 12, 2003

                             See attached file: CSM50yrs.pdf


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Birth and EarlyYears (pdf)

OurStoryContinues (pdf)


Journal News 101107.pdf

Journal News 101207.pdf

NYTimes 101207 YU.pdf

YU Commentator 101507.pdf

Guest Book.pdf

Hamodia 101707.pdf

Jewish Voice and Opinion Oct 2007.pdf

The Yeshiva World.pdf

The Jewish Word 102607.pdf

Hamodia 101207.pdf

NY Times 101207 Share Zedek Med Ctr.pdf

Sefer Zikaron.pdf

The Advocate 101807.pdf