Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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Community Synagogue of Monsey Lawrence S Ross, M.D. - President     












 Dr. Larry Ross





Chazal tell us that visiting the sick takes away one sixtieth of the illness. The following people in our community would appreciate a visit. There are many people who would welcome a visit from friends and acquaintances.
 May the mitzvot of Bikur Cholim, Hachnasat Orchim, and Ahavat Chinam continue to protect and inspire us.
This list is not meant to be exclusive, and I would be happy to list anyone else in the KEHILLA NEWS.


Our membership committee is available to greet and offer membership in our Shul to any individuals who have been davening regularly at any of our Minyanim. To recommend anyone outside of our Kehilla for membership, please notify one of the following people: Moe Chasen, Martin Gewirtz or any of the Gabbaim.




Our Kehilla was the first in America to become a member of the ACHI organization. ACHI stands for American Congregations (Communities) Helping Israel. We are committed to purchasing Israeli food products which will be served at our weekly Seudah Sh’lishit and other Shul events. For more information, or to volunteer for this worthy organization, contact Suzanne Weilgus.

ACHI (American Communities Helping Israel) all occasion cards are available. Each card is a  "meal ticket" providing nutritious meals for needy school children in Israel.  3 cards are $18, 5 are $25, 8 are $36, 12 are $50. To purchase, call Suzanne Weilgus (845-352 2496) or the ACHI office (646 463 2531).