Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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Community Synagogue of Monsey

Youth Committee Co-chairpeople

Joey Mayerhoff                       Mona Schwartz




Yaakov Mayerhoff, Youth Director




Israel Highway
a weekly email publication prepared specifically
for high school students
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The Youth Department plans to take advantage of the Shul’s website for many purposes this year. We ask that all boys and girls interested in receiving e-mail notification of Shul events send their names and e-mail addresses to  Friends in the community who are interested in participating in Shul events may sign up for e-mail notification as well.

In addition to sending notices of upcoming events by e-mail, we would like to send a weekly newsletter including a D’var Torah every week. Anyone interested in submitting a D’var Torah for the newsletter should contact Joey Mayerhoff at 425-2676




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